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Website Change Detection
...For clever people

Page change monitoring with alerts a breeze.
The best way to monitor website changes.

Loved by smart-shoppers, bargain-hunters, data-journalists and more.
Now with intelligent product restock detection!
85+ Notification formats supported!

Simple list of all your websites with changes! shape shape
Monitor web pages for changes - (such as watching prices, restock notification), to deep inspection such as PDF text support, JSON and XML monitoring and extensive text triggers.
Get notifications when a website updates.

Notification Support

We work with as many notification formats as possible;

  • Discord
  • Slack
  • Telegram
  • Rocket.Chat
  • Email
  • Matrix
  • NTFY
  • Office 365

Unlimited notifications, including unlimited email notifications. All based on how many built in Chrome browsers you have setup.

Target Elements

Select only what you need, easily choose elements to monitor.

Browser Steps

Perform searches, Log in with username and password, Add to cart, Interact with fields, buttons and many more possibilities.

Re-stock alerts

Monitor out-of-stock products and get alerts when those products are back in stock, get restock alerts via Discord, slack, email and many other platforms.

Perfect for finally getting that pair of shoes that's sold out or that RaspberryPi that's been unavailable!

Easy Subscription

Start watching immediately!

Follow that price! Get restock notifications! Know when something changed, don't miss out!

    Every subscription includes
  • Login and Password sent to your email.
  • Up to 5,000 URLs.
  • Re-check times from 2 minutes (per runner - with the ability to easily add more Chrome Browsers).
  • Automatic updates, get new features continuously.
  • Includes one real Chrome Browser for Javascript websites, bolt-on more browsers as required.
  • Choose a virtual location - access to European , USA and Tor proxies included.
  • Over 85 different notification types (Slack, Email, Discord and more)
  • Includes Trigger Text, CSS/xPath Rules, Ignore Text and many more filters
  • Import URLs as a list
  • Official provider of the opensource project

Only $8.99/mo
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Safe secure payment, cancel anytime.
After signing up, you will receive an email from us with your login details, be sure to check your spam folders!

About the project is a fully opensource project, we rely on and financially support the libraries that we build on .

Our vision is to be the most dynamic and feature-filled way to monitor website changes, change notification and restock alert system, this can only be done with the help of the opensource community.
We are simply the best way to monitor website changes.

We believe in sustainable opensource development by supporting our project with a fantastic subscription product.


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