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Awesome use-case #4,510: How to get notified when Hetzner servers and products are available

By Stephen, Updated 24 September, 2023

We all love Hetzner for their excellent pricing and solid offers - but how to get a notification when one of their amazing servers comes back in stock?

Hetzner is a well-regarded hosting and cloud service provider known for offering reliable and high-quality hosting solutions. There are several reasons why Hetzner servers are often praised for their great service, Cost-effective pricing, robust infrastructure, multiple data-centres, incredible network performance and great customer service.

But the real heartbreak is when you are hunting for your dream Hetzner Dedicated Server only to find out that it's not available and that there's no good way to get alerts or notifications when Hetzner effectively "restock" that type of server. to the rescue :)

Screenshot of Hetzner website as an example for change detection



How to get notifications or alerts when Hetzner servers are available to buy

Fortunately, Hetzner are super internet-friendly and make it easy to copy the link to the filters, you will need this link, place this link into


First, search for your Dedicated Server at Hetzner, you should see a "No server found" message on the Hetzner server listing page, this may also work for other servers at Hetzner. In our example we searched for a AMD based server, at the time of writing this tutorial, there were no AMD based servers available. 

Second, copy and paste the Filter URL into and hit Watch

Adding the website to the change detection monitoring list


Third and final, that's it!

List of websites ready for change monitoring


Extra points! 

And ofcourse, you can jump over to to the [edit] tab and setup your notifications, remember, is not just about sending an email, but more useful is to trigger a message to your Discord channel and let your whole team know that the server you guys are hunting for is now available at Hetzner!

And ofcourse, through the magic of Apprise, supports more than 80 different kinds of notifications, including Slack, MS Teams, RockChat and more. PLUS you can also attach a screenshot!

Notifications for website change monitoring

( See our docs links and tutorials for getting your Discord API link :) )

Extra extra points!

Want to be MORE specific? You can even use the Visual Selector or Browser Steps tabs to click on items, and/or specifically focus on parts of the page - ensuring you get only the relevant notifications when Hetzner update their product availability :)


thanks for reading!