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  • Is that product or event ticket sold out? unavailable? There is a solution - You can simply add your website monitor and select the "Re-stock detection for single product pages" option. This plugin will automatically scrape the page and decide if the product is in stock or not, sending you an alert when the product goes back in-stock Read on!
  • For many websites - simply using a proxy is not enough, the website is using much more complex anti-robot software to detect the actual browser that is being used, not just the IP connection or headers (including common headers such as user-agent and others) You need a better way to simulate a real browser.
  • In this quick article I'll show you how to import your website URL lists from Microsoft Excel into

    This can be super handy when you've managed to filter down your lists of websites to something really specific that you're interested in, or another way to manage your list of websites to check for changes.

    It's super easy with

  • But the real heartbreak is when you are hunting for your dream Hetzner Dedicated Server only to find out that it's not available in your preferred architecture and that there's no good way to get alerts or notifications when Hetzner effectively "restock" that type of server. to the rescue - get notifications when Hetzner restock their server offers!
  • Website change detection is a crucial component of a regulatory intelligence solution, helping it stay ahead of regulatory changes and inform your clients before they become aware of these changes. Here's how website change detection can specifically assist in achieving this goal.
  • Another great feature of is that you can interact with websites to compare their text.

    Often you need to enter in some search query or need to access a page that's only available from behind a login/password form.

    Note:  Only use this on websites where you have permission todo so, and always "recheck" with the maximum realistic time between rechecks, logging-in every minute could get you blocked from the site you are viewing.

    Some examples where this is super handy could be

  • Using proxies is beneficial for accessing web pages from different countries and bypassing blocking rules for several reasons, read on to find out the advantage of using Bright Data Proxies with!
  • Monitoring real estate pages and receiving notifications on changes to website content is highly advantageous when searching for an apartment. By doing so, you can be among the first to discover newly listed properties, price reductions, or updates on available apartments. 

  • KeePass is vital for online security as it securely stores passwords. Getting update notifications is crucial to stay protected from potential vulnerabilities and cyber threats.
  • PR Newswire is a news distribution service. By monitoring keywords on PR Newswire, you gain insights, track brand reputation, discover media opportunities, make informed investments, and identify crisis risks.