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  • In this quick tutorial I'll show you how easy it is in to monitor a website for new software version releases and connect Discord for push notifications.

    We will use Synology NAS in our little example, Synology have been continuously releasing great features and super stable software in recent years.

  • Sometimes you are not quite interested in content change notifications for the entire web page, and maybe not even content change notification for a element on the website - actually you want to know if an element exists at all or not.


    So in this quick tutorial I'll show you how to setup to alert if you a HTML element exists or not


    Using "xPath" (Like CSS selectors except different :) ) we can simply write the filter rule

  • How to monitor a site for new content ? How can you configure to only show NEW content from a site and send you a notification? What if you only want to know about new and unique content?
  • Think of the situation where you are watching your favourite ecommerce website, and you want to start automatically watching any NEW pages for changes.

    For example, you might be interested in a list of search results for a product, but then you also want to follow/watch those product pages for changes (maybe price changes, availability etc)

  • Visualising long-term insights can lead to a lot of interesting and valuable realisations. The web is always changing, but how does that information look across a week? a month? a year?
  • How to get alerts on changes to HTML source code? Sometimes you need to know when a very specific part of the HTML changes, for example you're watching a competitor and want to know when they change their shops metatags
  • Best Buy excels in providing a comprehensive array of electronics and tech gadgets, offering a diverse range of products both in-store and online. Their stores provide an immersive experience, often staffed with knowledgeable experts who assist customers in making informed decisions. It's all perfect except for one thing - "COMING SOON" on a product that you really want!
  • Is that product or event ticket sold out? unavailable? Need to get notified when something is back in stock? There is a solution - You can simply add your website monitor and select the "Re-stock detection for single product pages" option. Read on!
  • For many websites - simply using a proxy is not enough, the website is using much more complex anti-robot software to detect the actual browser that is being used, not just the IP connection or headers (including common headers such as user-agent and others) You need a better way to simulate a real browser.
  • In this quick article I'll show you how to import your website URL lists from Microsoft Excel into This can be super handy when you've managed to filter down your lists of websites to something really specific that you're interested in, or another way to manage your list of websites to check for changes. It's super easy with