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Got RegTech? Using website change detection to monitor for changes in regulations.

By Stephen, Updated 21 August, 2023


RegTech is the use of technology to enhance risk management and regulatory compliance in financial institutions.

Website change detection is a crucial component of a regulatory intelligence solution, helping you stay ahead of regulatory changes and inform your clients before they become aware of these changes. Here's how website change detection can specifically assist in achieving this goal:


  1. Real-time Monitoring: Website change detection tools continuously monitor regulatory websites, government portals, and industry-specific sites in real-time. This ensures that any updates, amendments, or new regulations are promptly identified.
  2. Early Detection: By instantly identifying changes on relevant websites, website change detection allows the regulatory intelligence solution to detect regulatory updates as soon as they are published. This enables the solution to act faster than clients who might rely on periodic checks.
  3. Instant Alerts: When a change is detected, the website change detection solution can immediately send automated alerts and notifications to clients. This provides clients with early awareness of regulatory changes and enables them to take proactive measures.
  4. Competitive Advantage: Informing clients about regulatory changes before they discover them themselves can provide your solution users with a competitive advantage. They can adjust their strategies, operations, and compliance efforts ahead of competitors, positioning themselves as leaders in their industries.
  5. Customized Monitoring: Website change detection tools can be configured to monitor specific regulatory websites, keywords, or topics relevant to your clients' industries. This customization ensures that clients receive tailored information that directly impacts their operations.
  6. Comprehensive Coverage: Regulatory information might be scattered across numerous websites. Website change detection tools ensure comprehensive coverage by monitoring a wide range of sources simultaneously, reducing the risk of missing critical updates.
  7. Data Accuracy: Website change detection tools employ advanced algorithms to accurately identify changes, eliminating the risk of human error that might occur during manual monitoring. This ensures that clients receive accurate and reliable information, however this depends on many factors.
  8. Risk Mitigation: By notifying clients about regulatory changes early, the regulatory intelligence solution helps them mitigate risks associated with non-compliance or outdated practices. Clients can address these changes proactively and avoid potential penalties.
  9. Enhanced Client Relationships: Providing clients with early and valuable insights into regulatory changes enhances your solution's value proposition. It builds trust and strengthens your client relationships as they rely on your solution to keep them well-informed.
  10. Strategic Decision-Making: Clients armed with early knowledge of regulatory changes can make informed strategic decisions. They can align their business plans, resource allocation, and compliance strategies with the evolving regulatory landscape.
  11. Efficiency and Time Savings: Website change detection automates the monitoring process, saving clients time and resources that would otherwise be spent manually tracking regulatory websites. This efficiency allows them to focus on more strategic tasks.
  12. Continuous Compliance: The proactive nature of the regulatory intelligence solution, powered by website change detection, helps clients maintain continuous compliance with regulatory changes, reducing the risk of sudden disruptions to their operations.


Incorporating website change detection into your regulatory intelligence solution transforms it into a proactive tool that empowers clients with timely and actionable regulatory insights. This proactive approach enhances their regulatory preparedness and fosters a strong partnership between your solution and your clients.